A clean and cozy personal task manager.

💡 Intentionally Simple

Only the most essential features to stay small, simple, and aesthetically pleasant.

⌨ Optimized For Keyboard

Do everything with a keyboard. No mouse needed.

🖥 Better On Desktop

Wider screens let you fit more columns and provide a better overall picture.

🔔 Notifications

Daily emails with the agenda for today and other reminders fully customizable.

⬇ Straightforward Export

Download all your data, including the history of the items at any time — export to CSV or JSON.

📓 Unlimited Boards [PRO*]

Organize different projects into boards (Family, Work, Side-Projects, etc.). It's a premium feature ($3 / mo).

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Can I get my data?

Yes. You can export all your boards, lists, and items (including the historical data) any time into formats like CSV or JSON. We're not locking you up.

How can I make done items stay on the board?

By default, items marked as done will disappear after the next refresh. But you can change that in the board settings. Go to Settings / Board and set some "retention period" (can be between one day and one week). Now your items will stay on the board even after you marked those as done.

Can I use it on my phone?

Not for now. The whole idea of boards is a more natural fit for bigger screens. But we are thinking about the mobile app which would work as a complementary to the web version.

Can I use the keyboard shortcuts?

Yes! You can move around with the arrow keys or hjkl (for Vimmers out there). To create a new list press C, to create a new item press N, Space will toggle an item and will put you into an edit mode and back.

I want to delete my account.

Go to Settings > Delete. You might want to export all your data first. After you delete your account, you won't be able to recover your data.

How long will you stay around?

The project is profitable from the very beginning. Everything is free except for the ability to create multiple boards. It costs only $3 per month, and that's more than enough to cover all the expenses (hosting, etc.) and keep all parties interested.